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In the event of a car insurance claim, look for the police to do police report (BO) in the following situations: disappearance or theft, total or partial theft and accidents involving third parties. In case of accidents, if necessary, contact the card by 0800 the insurer to request assistance or towing of the vehicle at the site.

To report a claim, please contact the insurer with the following documents at hand: CNH (Driver's License) the driver of the vehicle, ID Card, and Vehicle Document (DUT). For accidents involving third parties, it is necessary to state the complete identification of the people involved.

Important: Do not start the repair of the vehicle without the consent of the insurer contracted.


If necessary, file a police report (BO) and keep all the clues and traces left in place and the property insured, the insurer until analysis. Please contact the insurer by 0800 and report the event.

Important: Preserve documents that may be required as evidence of the occurrence of the damage and the existence and quantity of goods or assets, essential to prove the damages.

In other risks, please e-mail:

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